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Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa traffic rank is generated on based mostly 3 months of collected traffic knowledge from millions users of Alexa Toolbar and is usually established as an honest quality traffic measuring system. Alexa Rank Checker instantly check the alexa rank of your explicit web site with our free on-line tool. The results show your web site page rank and a traffic graph plotting six months of traffic. simply enter your web site address into the Alexa Rank Checker address field and press the Get Rank button. The alexa rank are shown beside a traffic graph plotting the last six lepidopteron of traffic to your web site.

It is associate incorporated live of pageviews and guests. The 3-month modification is decided by scrutiny the site's gift rank with its rank from three months past.
Find out however your web site} traffic stacks up against all of your competitors! Alexa Rank Checker is one among the foremost freely obtainable tools to search out out however well your site ranks up against scores of different sites on the net. 
Alexa Rank Checker will show the $64000 time position of web site in Alexa ranking system. The lower status (number) is often higher. this is often useful in crucial an internet site's traffic and in assessing the worth of linking partners.


Alexa Rank Checker


How Alexa Rank Checker Works

According to, “The traffic rank relies on 3 months of mass historical traffic knowledge from a lot of Alexa Toolbar users and knowledge obtained from different, numerous traffic knowledge sources, and may be a combined live of page views and users (reach).”

This is to mention that the ranking is calculated employing a proprietary methodology that mixes a site’s calculable average of daily distinctive guests and its calculable range of pageviews over the past three months. Alexa mines it knowledge from a lot of users round the internet United Nations agency uses a toolbar provided by the corporate.

The Alexa toolbar is accessible through browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and net human, similarly as through the Alexa’s web site.

For Alexa to be ready to get these statistics, users should install the Alexa toolbar on their browser.

Given that it's not each single net user (ever) that installs and uses the toolbar, most of the people tend to not weigh Alexa Rank terribly heavily. Alexa itself even admits that “Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks square measure supported the browsing behavior of individuals in our world knowledge panel that may be a sample of all net users.”

However, the info Alexa provides will assist you in most cases to possess a “general” plan of however widespread a web site is, thence the rationale it's still thought of helpful. But then, why check for such data? What does one would like it for? Let’s discuss that next.


Why to Check Alexa Ranking

Like Alexa puts it, you get to understand “how well an internet site is doing relative to all or any alternative sites on the online over the last three months.”

Here area unit four key stuff you will do with the info from Alexa Rank:

Self Analysis: If you’re a blogger or an internet site owner, it's vital to understand your site’s Alexa Rank as a result of it provides you a transparent plan of however standard your web site is on the web. you'll use the info to strategize on the most effective ways in which to enhance your site’s traffic or on the foremost strategic moves to subordinate the competition. And yes, you'll often check Alexa net Ranking as some way to stay track of your site’s progress, whether or not meaning losing or gaining quality. in fact if you notice that it's losing quality, you'll quickly compass mounted and stuff.
Competitive Analysis: Alexa will function a competitive intelligence tool. meaning with the info, you'll perform a competitive analysis to understand the extent of traffic a competitory web site is attracting. you'll even compare and distinction your web site therewith of major competitors to understand however you all pile up against one another in terms of net quality. Our exceptional tool, Alexa Rank Checker, is solely nice for this because it permits you to see the Alexa web site data of multiple websites promptly.

Marketing Analysis: If you’re associate degree publicist, Alexa Rank Checker provides you a thought of however standard an internet site is, in order that you recognize whether or not or to not target your ads on the location and at what value. In fact, Ranking in Alexa is really one in all the factors that advertisers take into thought to work out the promoting potential of targeted websites.
“Who-is-Who” Analysis: Alexa Rank categorizes websites by “Global,” “Country,” and “Category.” With the “Country” and “Category” rankings, you'll get to understand “who is who” in an exceedingly specific country or business per the foremost visited websites therein country or business. you furthermore mght get to visualize however your web site and competitory websites rank per country and per class.
Now that you simply recognize what to try to to with the info from Alexa Rank, let’s quote really checking your Alexa Rank (with Alexa Analytics by tiny SEO Tools, of course).

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