Why I use Grammarly - Complete Honest Review

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Why I use Grammarly - Complete Honest Review

06/12/2019 12:00 AM by Admin in Webdesign

Hey there! Have you often felt embarrassed for your grammar while texting or writing any blog post or article! Well here is a solution for that and you'll become pro after using it. This is a tool that is offered by Grammarly.com which checks your Grammar mistakes automatically and shows you the solution to your mistakes on the go while typing. This is very useful tool for everyone who usually types a lot or writes blog articles, etc.


Grammarly corrects your sentences in real-time. If you’re a website owner then you must have to type a lot and fill up meta tags, descriptions, article content, so you must use this awesome tool that gets embedded to any text area so that you don’t make mistakes and you can write flawlessly. You don’t want to make a spelling mistake or a grammatical mistake while typing important stuff. This blogging tool will help you save some time in proof-reading your work.


My experience with Grammarly has been awesome since I used its free version. It tracks all my spelling mistakes and it also checks my grammar and points it out in real-time! It is far ahead of its competition in this regard.


Earlier, we used to type using Microsoft Word and it highlights our comma mistakes and common spelling mistakes but this Grammarly tool not only corrects those spellings but also corrects grammar which is very tough for a automatic program. This tool is way ahead of checking some serious mistakes. 


I used to not believe this Grammarly tool to be of use, but when I installed it, I checked it with using my previous written articles and just got blown away. Grammarly has a free version, which is just brilliant but the pro service upgrade gets you all the premium features you’re missing out on. While the free version corrects a few basic errors, it also hints that there might be more wrong with your work while you use it. 


There is plenty of data to go along with this which includes :

  1. Number of different words you have used (rates your vocabulary)
  2. Missing comma errors.
  3. The words where you usually go wrong.
  4. Useful blogs for best practices for content writing and copy-writing!



Grammarly functions as a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and you can also download the mobile app for phones and tablets. This allows the user to check any text they create for grammatical and spelling errors, as well as plagiarism. Grammarly claim they can catch up to ten times the amount of errors that word processors can. Their website also has the same features as the free version for those who don’t want to download the program.



Grammarly identifies the word “vary” as potentially being misused in the context of the sentence. When I click on the “expand” marker for this correction, I see an explanation of why they’ve marked this word, as well as their suggested replacement. Clicking “More” also gives helpful examples of confused or misused words:


I would strongly suggest Grammarly to anyone who writes a lot or have a blog and who doesn't wants to hire a content writer or editor. Even content writer and editors can use Grammarly because it will increase the quality of their work. 

On a final note, I’m always happy to hear from our readers about the tools they use when writing and editing, so if anyone has something they are using and wants to give it a shout out, please do so in the comments!

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