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What is GZIP Compression

Check GZIP tool helps you to optimize your web site on-line for higher overall performance with the help of decreasing the loading time of your pages. during this article we’ll offer an evidence for to you what's gzip compression, the thanks to modify gzip compression on your .Htaccess or nginx.Conf. And check if gzip compression is enabled on your web site.

Gzip has become the de-facto commonplace for file compression on net hosting servers. Gzip was developed to permit users to compress files across completely different platforms, and browsers were developed and launched to handle these compressed files and decompress them and gift them to users. Less information measure is employed in sending gzip compressed files which suggests users area unit happy.


Check GZIP compression


In today’s web world websites contain such a lot data. Typical websites contain content, graphics, images, video clips, etc. mix of these into one
file, and 2 issues area unit encountered. One the file size is big, and second, it takes up loads of information measure in transmission. Gzip compression takes care of
all these aspects and compresses the file into manageable chunks that consume less house and information measure.

There area unit such a lot of tools employed in developing websites, and that they will be hosted in numerous environments; e.g., on Windows or UNIX operating system or UNIX system servers. Therefore
website files got to be compressed and placed within these completely different environments in the basic .htaccess code that's employed in all websites.

As a webmaster or SEO once you've got encoded gzip compression in your web site you'd wish to check and see if it's been put in and is functioning.

Check GZIP 

Check Gzip compression saves five hundredth to eightieth information measure and can so it'll increase the website's loading speed. 
The text files area unit compressed (zipped) at the server so the visitor's applications programme can habitually unfasten the files. This pressing and unzipping solely takes a fraction of a second.
To check if gzip compression is running on your web site is kind of straightforward. visit from your applications programme and scroll to the ‘Check gzip compression’
utility. Another and quicker method of accessing this web site would be to copy/paste within the navigation bar of your search

Enter the URL of the web site that you just wish to see and click on the ‘Submit’ button. The utility can check the web site and come back the results. it'll tell you
whether the web site has gzip enabled or not. it'll show the name, the compressed and uncompressed size.

Also, it'll conjointly show some header data of the web site.

In the case on the web site gzip compression not modifyd you'll be able to enable it. To modify gzip compression you need to understand the server kind on that your web site is
hosted. The results from the take a look at you run can tell you the server kind.

If you're unsure regarding the code you would like to use to modify gzip compression on your web site, get assistance on the net. there's some web site which can tell you
the code to imbed in your website’s header code. As most net servers area unit Apache servers, notice the Apache code and replica it in .htaccess on your website’s

It’s higher to use the quality code and to not potter with the code of your web site if it’s in PHP or JavaScript or the other cryptography format and you don’t
know these programming languages

Enabling gzip compression on your website} can build your guests happy as your site can load quick. If you're AN e-commerce website, you don’t wish your click
customers to abandon your website as a result of it takes too long to load. Gzip compression may be a free tool and if you haven’t enabled it on your web site make love currently.


How to check GZIP Compression

Our tool Check Gzip Compression can assist you to see that your web site is enabled for gzip compression or not. Input the URL of the web site that you just have to be compelled to check and click on on the 'submit' button. The package can take a glance at the web site and can pay the end result. it'll inform you whether or not or not the web site has gzip enabled or not. it's going to show the world name, the compressed and uncompressed size.

Additionally, it's going to conjointly show some header data of the web site.

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