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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker

From SEO perspective category c IP hosting are often terribly effective, and this wonderful tool checks whether or not web site hosting domains lies on same category C IP vary or not. it's believed that If you own several cross-linked sites, then you must host them on completely different category C IP vary instead of same.

This wonderful tool helps webmaster to visualize if whether or not the given web site universal resource locator and lies inside completely different category C IP vary or not. Sharing and IP address with another websites through links with same C sort IP may be have an effect on your site SEO.


Class C Ip Checker

What Is class C IP ?

When you sign in with a hosting company, your web site domain that you registered receives associate degree distinctive IP address. For understanding, This IP Address is a lot of possible to communication address it helps people to find the positioning via application program. therefore this IP address are often of any five sorts. Class A, B,C, D and E. category C sort Address is most typical altogether of them.
Class A and B area unit allotted to terribly giant and medium-sized organizations. category C is that the most well-liked category of addresses allotted to little corporations and area unit the foremost used IP addresses. little and medium-sized net service suppliers purchase a pool of sophistication C IP addresses that they assign to their customers. net service suppliers give dynamic (shared) IP addresses to their customers. the rationale for this is often that since they're shared, they're cheaper and a lot of fashionable. Secondly, the users that area unit allotted IP addresses don't use them 24/7. therefore once a user signs of or there's no traffic to a web site, their IP addresses area unit allotted to different users and websites.

The professionals of C category dynamic IP addresses area unit that they're low-cost and a lot of possible for websites and users World Health Organization aren't significant users of the web. If you have got 5 individuals sharing a wireless fidelity in your home, you'll be allotted a dynamic address, and after you aren't exploitation the web, your address are going to be allotted to a different user World Health Organization simply signs in. after you use the web once more, you'll be allotted a unique IP address. This IP address are going to be allotted from the obtainable pool of sophistication C IP addresses that your net service supplier has purchased.

As dynamic category C IP addresses area unit shared across multiple nodes, there area unit dangers related to them. If your web site incorporates a dynamic C category IP address, it will have an effect on your website’s ranking on search engines and your SEO efforts might be wasted. If a web site that is sharing a similar IP address as yours gets blacklisted, your web site may also get blacklisted. It happens once a research engine blacklists a web site. It doesn't blacklist a web site by simply its name however by its IP address furthermore. Search engines once they visit a web site do therefore by its IP address, because the IP address is that the distinctive symbol of the domain. net service suppliers foresee this chance, and if a web site gets blacklisted, they delegate new IP addresses to the opposite websites that were sharing a similar dynamic category C IP address.

Internet service suppliers install firewalls and different necessary applications and hardware to make sure that their hosting service supplier systems stay ‘clean’ and unaffected by malicious attacks. As hackers and different malicious individuals area unit perpetually engaged in attempting to breaking and entering to websites and harm them net service suppliers area unit forced to require measures to shield their networks and hosting services.


Different types of classes of IP Addresses

There area unit 5 classes of IP addresses that are:

  1. Class A
    • The first little bit of a category associate degree address is often set to zero. It solely leaves seven bits for the network portion of the address. category A addresses vary from zero.0.0.0 – It means that there will solely be 128 network numbers.
  2. Class B
    • The first little bit of a category B address is often set to one and also the second bit is ready to zero. It means that sixteen,384 networks are often allotted category B addresses. The numbers vary from –
  3. Class C
    • Class C addresses have their initial 2 bits set to one, and also the third bit is ready to zero. It means 2,097,152 networks are often allotted this category of address. The numbers vary from –
  4. Class D
    • Class D addresses have their initial 3 bits set to one, and also the fourth bit is ready to zero. category D addresses area unit used for multicasting applications. The numbers vary from – and area unit reserved for multicast teams.
  5. Class E
    • Class E addresses area unit reserved for experimentation and testing and have not been utilised in any customary kind.

Class C IP Checker

If you have got simply purchased a hosting service for your web site, you'll be inquisitive to understand that different websites area unit sharing a similar category C IP address. as a result of it’s possibly that your web site has been allotted this category of IP address which the address is shared with different websites.

You can use a bulk IP checker from simply move to from your search browser and scroll to the ‘Class C IP Checker’ icon and click on thereon. otherwise you will copy/paste within the address bar of your search browser.

In the show page, you need to enter a minimum of 2 and a most of twenty domain names. once coming into the domain names click the ‘Check Now’ button. The utility can run the take a look at and come the results.

In the results, it'll show the host names that you just had entered, and against every hostname, it'll show their IP address, Class C, and also the standing.

The results can show you the hosts that area unit sharing a similar category C IP address and if the standing is ‘valid’ then everything is ok. This duplicate IP address checker is handy to understand that different websites area unit sharing a similar IP address.

You can use this groovy tool from anytime to run a category C IP address check anytime.

Besides from this, you'll run a bulk IP blacklist checker. you'll run this check from some sites on the web. This take a look at can show if the websites area unit clean and also the tools in use to shield them from viruses, spam, and malware.

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