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About Domain Authority Checker


DA could be a score [developed by Moz] that hints on the “strength” and connectedness of a web site for a particular field of study or business. It’s a ordered series of points, generally starting from zero to a hundred, that predicts however well a web site can rank on computer programme result pages (SERPs). the upper the quantity of points, the upper could be a website’s prosecutor.

Now, don’t confuse Website’s name authority with page authority. they're completely different.

While prosecutor tells United States concerning the general ranking potential of the complete domain or web site, page authority (PA) is that the ranking potential of one website.

Both need tools to visualize.


Bulk Domain Authority Checker

DA Checker

Smart marketers frequently monitor and improve their website’s authority to make dominance and gain higher rankings in computer programme results pages (SERPs). They additionally keep an eye fixed on their competitors’ prosecutor to understand a way to play their cards additional showing intelligence.

Domain Authority Checker by SmallSEOTools is that the best and preferred tool on the online for checking the Moz prosecutor of internet sites. Our prosecutor Checker tool is fun to use and can show you the correct prosecutor of any web site.

It is engineered exploitation heavily reliable platform and may quickly verify the strength of a particular uniform resource locator and therefore the chance for it to rank well in computer programme results.

Website Authority Checker by SmallSEOTools packs less dimmed options and edges than most different prosecutor Checker tools out there. Yet, you don’t have to be compelled to pay a dime to use it.

Some digital marketers pay many bucks each year with great care they'll check their web site Authority. however our tool is totally FREE.

It’s fast, simple to use, and reliable. a number of the largest names on the web use our web site Authority Checker tool each thus typically.

The beauty of this prosecutor tool is that it doesn't stop at showing you simply the prosecutor score of a web site. It shows you the website’s page authority, Moz rank, information processing location, IP address, Google Index, Google Cache, and more.

Additionally, this is often a bulk web site prosecutor authority checker. which suggests our tool allows you to check up to fifty domain names in one go, as well as multiple URLs from one domain and multiple URLs from completely different domains.

What to do with the information

So when checking the domain authority of your web site or that of a challenger, what must you do with the data?

Well, here’s some ways that to use the information:

Use it to work out the position of your web site once comparison with similar websites in your business
Use it to visualize whether or not or not your promoting efforts ar paying off
Use it to work out however competitors ar stacking up (see WHO is WHO in your niche!) thus you recognize a way to position your complete to win
Use it to try to to a more practical SEO
Use it to seek out authority websites in your niche to understand wherever to travel for quality backlinks exploitation methods like guest blogging.


How is prosecutor calculated? There ar over a hundred factors that Moz uses to cypher domain authority. Here ar a number of them:

Referring root domains
Number of backlinks inform to the web site
Quality of the links
Site volume (how a lot of content is contained within the site)
Age of domain (that is, once it initial went carry on Google, not once the name was initial registered)
Amount of social signals
Quality of overall web site content
Website speed
Moz trust (Moz trust is typically computed by Moz and it grows with time).



The key to up your prosecutor is to specialise in up the factors that influence the prosecutor itself.

For one, you may got to produce quality backlinks. Links from different websites ar like votes; the additional votes a web site receives, the upper that website’s prosecutor.

We’ve additionally seen that quality content is one in all the factors that influence prosecutor. thus to boost the online authority score of your web site, you ought to undoubtedly be acting on providing content that's relevant, unique, and prime quality.

In short, work on up ALL the factors listed on top of.

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