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Domain to IP tells about the IP address of the website, country in which the server is located and ISP of the website. Simply paste a domain name and submit the form to convert it to the IP address for the server they're hosted on.


Domain to IP


What is an IP Address in Domain to IP

There is a information that contains records of all the websites that square measure on the web. The IP address is what identifies one domain from another. Each
domain is appointed a novel IP address. Associate in Nursing IP (Internet Protocol) may be a distinctive addressing system accustomed determine all machines that square measure victimisation the web.
When you hook up with the web via any device; mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. you're known by Associate in Nursing IP address. while not a novel
addressing system operative and managing the web would be just about not possible. Imagine if you were living in a vicinity wherever there aren't any house numbers,
no street numbers or names. it might be not possible to seek out out wherever an individual lives.

An IP address consists of 4 numbers. every of that contains one to 3 numbers. one dot ‘.’ Separates every set of numbers. every of the four numbers
can vary from zero to 255. Associate in Nursing IP address will seem like twenty eight.178.123.456. This innocuous wanting set of numbers is that the key that empowers a user to send and
receive information from alternative websites. it's this set of numbers that make sure that we have a tendency to reach the right web site.

The common set of IP addresses that were 1st put in in 1983 and square measure called the IPV4 and also the one explained square measure quick running out. To handle the long run
domains addressing IPV6 has been launched and each the versions square measure in use.


Static vs Dynamic IP Address

There area unit 2 styles of IP addresses that area unit appointed that area unit referred to as static and dynamic. A static address ne'er changes. net hosting service suppliers purchase and use a bunch of dynamic addresses. It means once a user WHO has been appointed a dynamic address explodes the road from the web, the
address is appointed to a different user.

Static IP addresses reveal such data because the continent, country, and space during which a laptop is found. However, the IP address won't be
revealing the right data concerning the domain. the explanation for this can be that a corporation set in South Asia could have a static IP address on an online
hosting service supplier set within the us. The IP address can offer this data once associate degree IP search is run. giant organizations like better to
have static IP addresses, and additionally some governments agencies have static IP addresses.

Dynamic IP addresses area unit a pool of interchangeable IP addresses. Domain to IP. All web service suppliers have a pool of addresses, and that they assign associate degree IP address once a user connects to the web. Sharing a dynamic IP address is cheaper and safer than a static IP address. Hackers realize it easier to hack static IP
addresses because the address of a site ne'er changes. once a hacker tries to hack a dynamic address, he or she would possibly come upon a distinct domain victimization the IP address.

When you move around you will take your portable computer with you, however you can't carry the IP address with you. If you walk into a restaurant that gives Wi-Fi services and you hook up with the web from there, you may be victimization the café’s appointed IP address to envision your email and perform alternative activities on the internet.



With Domain to IP, knowing who the internet service provider for any domain on the internet is a very useful piece of information. Not only do you get to know the exact IP address of the domain but you also get to know where the domain is being hosted from. If you think a competitor’s website is getting a better response than yours. Plus you find out that the reason is that they are using an excellent web hosting service provider, you can get this information by doing a domain to IP lookup using You can then decide if you want to discard your current web hosting service provider and shift to another.

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