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In laptop jargon, DNS records square measure known as ‘mapping files.’ once an online server sends letter of invitation by a user to go to a specific web site, the request is shipped to
the DNS information. This information appearance up its records, finds the website’s science address and forwards it to the requesting server. when obtaining this
information, the requesting server uses the science address to search out the web site and show it to the user World Health Organization initiated the request.

There square measure letters related to the DNS records that square measure called DNS syntax. a number of the ordinarily used syntax with all DNS records are; A, AAAA, CNAME,


Find DNS records


DNS Syntax Explained

The ‘A’ syntax in an exceedingly DNS record is that the most elementary style of syntax. It stands for ‘address’ and indicates the science address of the web site.

The ‘AAAA’ record is AN IPV6 address that maps the hostname to a 128-bit IPV6 address.

The ‘CNAME’ stands for ‘conical name’ and is employed to associate sub domains with existing DNS records.

The ‘MX’ stands for mail exchange and is employed for mail exchange servers.

The ‘PTR’ record because the name indicates a pointer record ANd maps an IPV4 address to the CNAME.

The “NS’ record stands for ‘name server’ and indicates the server on that the domain resides.

The ‘SOA’ record stores necessary data concerning the domain, like once was it last updated, etc.

The “SRV’ record indicates that TCP service the domain operates.

The ‘TXT’ record permits the website’s administrator to insert any text within the record.

Why does one ought to investigate DNS records

The DNS records of any web site contain important data for webmasters and SEO. These records provide you with details relating to any web site that you simply could be
interested in viewing. If you wish to understand the science address of a site, you'll get this data by observing the DNS records of that domain. An IP
address can tell you from that address domain is being hosted, and if apprehend|you recognize} the structure of science addresses you'll conjointly know during which country the
domain is being hosted from. science addresses square measure allotted like phonephone numbers. we all know that every country has been allotted a specific range followed by a
city code then the particular signal. to create a global decision, you have got to dial the international code, code and therefore the actual range to
make the decision. Similarly, science addresses also are allotted following a specific structure.

The other necessary data that you simply get once you read DNS records is that the addresses of any sub domains that square measure related to the domain. conjointly once the
domain was last updated, what's its refresh rate, etc.?

You might wish to ascertain a competitor’s DNS records and see wherever it's being hosted from and different data concerning the web site. DNS records square measure useful for
webmasters and SEOs once putting in or managing a web site.

How to Check DNS Records

DNS record history performs instantly dns operation to search out all the dns record check of explicit domain, like current science address, Its category sort, Nameserver, and domain hosting name and othe necessary details.

With this tools all you have got to is give your web site URL, and it'll do all the remainder work by itself. If you wish to ascertain a lot of data of your domian then you'll use our new domain hosting checker tool and Whois Checker to ascertain all the required details concerning the domain.

The dns record check take a glance at can robotically resolve that dns servers square measure utilised by the realm decision you specify, then perform a number of checks on them to confirm that {the square measurea|the world|the realm} decision is well installation which those dns servers are responding in an exceedingly constant and correct manner. during this manner you'll resolve a way to check Dns records.

There could also be to boot a dns troubleshooting guide which will assist you interpret the aptitude mistakes and standing messages to your dns take a look at. we tend to hope you'll find this check useful. If you get any queries regarding the take a look at you'll examine concerning it right here, concerning the check.


Getting and finding out DNS records is very important for SEO and webmasters. Once you opt to use an online hosting service, you'll wish to understand your website’s science
address and therefore the further services provided by the online servers for your domain. If the net service is slow or the refresh rate is slow, you'll raise
your net hosting service supplier to boost them.

No web site will operate while not its DNS records being hold on within the DNS information. It’s the information that holds all the required data a couple of web site.
It’s the server that every one net servers use to method a guests request, and it guides them to the right location. for instance, a web site owner would possibly
decide to amendment the online hosting service supplier and move the domain to a stronger supplier. once he or she signs au courant the new hosting servers, the first
action which will happen is that the domain’s data contained within the DNS records are updated.

Without DNS records no web site will operate the net.

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