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Free Keyword Density Checker

The Free Keyword Density checker counts text found within the on webpage, similarly as text used among and heading tags. As a result, you'll be able to use this free keyword density checker to check that words and phrases square measure already used frequently( variety of times) on the page and mirror those words and phrases within the most beneficial data tags, such as , heading tags, and EL text to boost the keyword relevancy. This free keyword density checker will determine your mistakes therefore you'll be able to build the suitable corrections. Mistakes such as you over use your some keyword in your post body, therefore cut back the quantity of occurance otherwise google blacklist your web site for the explanation of keyword stuffing. inspect our Blacklist checker.

Use this free keyword density checker to realize insight to the page content you have already got. The free keyword density checker also can facilitate guide your SEO website review efforts to obtaining what you truly wish and want on the page.

There aren't any well-tried tips set forth by Google for keyword density, you ought to keep your primary keyword(s) between a pair of and three, and secondary keywords (long tail search phrases) between I Chronicles and a couple of.

Free Keyword Density Checker will help you analyze the keyword density of your web page. Enter text or Page URL, and our tool will analyze the density of your text just as a search engine would do.


Free Keyword Density Checker


How to use Free Keyword Density Checker

Using our free keyword density checker is as easy as simply clicking 2 buttons in 2 easy steps:

Step #1: On this page, that is wherever you're right away, enter the URL of the page you would like to investigate. Or, choose “TEXT” to stick your content if the piece isn't however printed on-line.

Step #2: Click on “Check” to run your request.

Once you’ve done that, our Free Keyword Density Checker can straightaway retrieve all the keyword knowledge from your web site or piece of content and show them during a tabular format.

And don’t forget, you'll use this tool to investigate not simply your own web content, however that of your competition conjointly to urge a thought of what they're doing.

After using Free Keyword Density Checker, you'll realize that the proportion of times your target keywords seem is either too low or too high. in this case, we have a tendency to suggest you revise the content.


What is Keyword Density

Free Keyword Density Checker is a tool designed alone for the aim of conniving the keyword density of any web content.

The dev team at little SEO Tools created the tool when looking for that some marketers were still stuffing their content with many keywords even while not realizing it. This left their websites suffering as Google doesn't need you to cram your content with keywords unnecessarily.

This tool solves that drawback absolutely. It permits you to investigate either a full web content mistreatment its universal resource locator or a bit of text by repeating and pasting.

The simplest technique of conniving keyword density is typically to divide variety|the amount|the quantity} of times a specific keyword is mentioned in an exceedingly text by the overall number of words within the text, and so multiply the result by 100 to induce your share.

But our Free Keyword Density Checker will quite conniving keyword density. It truly checks for and analyzes ALL the highest keywords used on the page or text that's being analyzed, and shows you the subsequent metrics for higher SEO performance and effective content optimization:

The total variety of keywords on it page.
The page load time, if you’re analyzing a universal resource locator.
A tag cloud, description all the keywords used on the analyzed page or text.
Top keywords used among the content, their frequency counts, and indicators showing whether or not or not the keywords have a title, description, or .
Keyword density for every keyword or phrase used among the examined content, together with their frequency of usage and share of usage. These calculations ar softened over drizzling tilts of one-word keywords, two-word keywords, three-word keywords, and four-word keywords.
This sort of subtle analysis permits you to simply outline and become familiar with the proportion and add of keywords used among your content.

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