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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

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Online Robots.txt Generator

A complete Robots.txt file contains “User-agent,” and below it, you can write other directives like “Allow,” “Disallow,” “Crawl-Delay” etc. if written manually it might take a lot of time, and you can enter multiple lines of commands in one file. If you want to exclude a page, you will need to write “Disallow: the link you don’t want the bots to visit” same goes for the allowing attribute. If you think that’s all there is in the robots.txt file then it isn’t easy, one wrong line can exclude your page from indexation queue. So, it is better to leave the task to the pros, let Robots.txt Generator take care of the file for you.

The robots.txt may be a vital file that's placed in your root directory, the instance would be computer This Robots.txt Generator facilitate the search engines and alternative robots that areas of your web site they're allowed to go to and index. once computer programme spiders bots begin creeping a web site, they begin by characteristic a robots.txt file at the basis domain level. you'll add only 1 robots.txt on your web site and solely within the root directory (where your home page is):


BAD - will not work: computer


Robots.txt Generator


Why must you Use Our Robots.txt Generator?

It is a awfully useful gizmo that has created the lives of the many webmasters easier by serving to them creating their websites Googlebot friendly. it's a mechanism.txt file generator tool that may generate the desired file by activity the tough task at intervals no time and for fully free. Our tool comes with a easy interface that provides you the choices to incorporate or exclude the items within the robots.txt file.

Robots.txt Generator is Associate in Nursing easy-to-use tool to make correct Robots.txt directives for your web site. Robots.txt Generator permits for the specification of many completely different search engines, together with Google. you'll set your crawl time, permit robots or deny, add sitemap of the web site. use this tool to make Xml sitemap, limit Directories etc

Some folks confused between "crawler", "robot" and "spider":

  • Robot: Any program that goes out onto the net to try to to the task. It includes computer programme crawlers, however conjointly several alternative programs, web site testers, like email scrapers and then on.
  • Crawler: this is often the term for the type of mechanism that search engines use.
  • Spider: this is often a term that abundant skilled SEO's uses - it's similar with the crawler.
  • You can check this file via  robots.txt tester.
  • You Can attempt Our Free XML Sitemap Generator


What is the purpose of Robots.txt Generator in SEO

If you're making the file manually, then you wish to bear in mind of the rules employed in the file. you'll be able to even modify the file later when learning however they work.

  • Crawl-delay
    • This directive is employed to stop crawlers from overloading the host, too several requests will overload the server which can lead to dangerous user expertise. Crawl-delay is treated otherwise by totally different bots from search engines, Bing, Google, Yandex treat this directive in numerous ways in which. For Yandex it's a wait between sequential visits, for Bing, it's sort of a time window within which the larva can visit the positioning just one occasion, and for Google, you'll be able to use the search console to manage the visits of the bots.
  • Allowing
    • Allowing directive is employed to modify regulating of the subsequent address. you'll be able to add as several URLs as you would like particularly if it’s a searching website then your list would possibly get giant. Still, solely use the robots file if your website has pages that you simply don’t wish to induce indexed.
  • Disallowing
    • The primary purpose of a Robots file is to refuse crawlers from visiting the mentioned links, directories, etc. These directories, however, area unit accessed by alternative bots WHO got to check for malware as a result of they don’t join forces with the quality.


What is a difference between a Sitemap and Robots.txt file

A sitemap is important for all the websites because it contains helpful info for search engines. A websitemap tells bots however usually you update your web site what reasonably content your site provides. Its primary motive is to apprize the search engines of all the pages your website has that must be crawled whereas AI txt file is for crawlers. It tells crawlers that page to crawl and that to not. A websitemap is critical so as to induce your site indexed whereas robot’s txt isn't (if you don’t have pages that don’t got to be indexed).



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