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About URL Rewriting Tool

About URL Rewriting Tool

The universal resource locator Rewrite Tool is employed to show dynamic URLs into computer programme friendly URLs. They generally rank higher in search engines than long advanced URLs with several parameters, they're easier to index within the initial place and that they additionally look smart to recollect to the top user. This universal resource locator redaction tool can produce Associate in Nursing htaccess code to assist you take away the dynamic universal resource locator from your website.

Dynamic universal resource locator square measure harmful to your SEO Score, the dynamic page creates once user performs bound task with the location, like filling up kind on the location, or performs some reasonably search operation on the location, thus such pages aren't necessary or nonexistential for search engines, as they crawl the location and index through links and not by filling up the forms, and our URL Rewriting Tool can assist you intent on eliminate these unneeded dynamic URLs from your website and rank quicker in search results.


URL Rewriting Tool


How to Use URL Rewriting Tool

All you have got to try to to is simply enter the dynamic universal resource locator, it'll look one thing like this, Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10 and Once you hit the submit button below, it'll produce code for the htaccess file, you'll have to repeat that code generated by the URL Rewriting Tool and paste it in your .htaccess file, that usually resides within the home directory or root directory of your website.


Advantages of Use URL Rewriting Tool

  • Static URLs square measure generally Rank higher on google search results.
  • Search engines like google, bing and alternative square measure best-known to index the static URLs quicker than dynamic URLs.
  • Static universal resource locator square measure Search friendly and pretty URL Rewriting Tool. straightforward to recollect for users.


Why should you use our URL Rewriting Tool

This free online universal resource locator editing Tool could be a super-efficient tool that quickly generates static URLs with simply one click. merely copy the universal resource locator and paste into the box and submit. Our URL Rewriting Tool can instantly generate the result and supply you with a shorter and static universal resource locator.

We have developed this URL Rewriting Tool so you'll be able to use to examine and rewrite your website’s URLs. confine mind that static universal resource locator is often higher than a dynamic universal resource locator as a result of static URLs will rank higher in search engines like Google. While, dynamic links square measure indexed at a slower rate by search engines than static links.

This URL Rewriting Tool is incredibly straightforward to use and may offer you with fast results. there's no got to transfer the software system on your computer as a result of {this is|this is often|this will be} an internet tool that you simply can use anytime you like; this fashion you get to save lots of memory house. Also, you don’t got to pay any quantity to use this universal resource locator rewrite generator as a result of this tool is totally freed from charge.

There square measure 3 sensible reasons why you would like to rewrite URLs. First, it helps with computer programme improvement, as a result of search engines like URLs that don’t embrace long question strings. Second, if you've got friendly static URLs, you've got {a higher|a higher|the next} probability that your pages can have better ranking in search engines and would facilitate attract additional traffic as they give the impression of being additional easy to several net guests. And third, it makes your websites load quicker as compared to having dynamic URLs. Hence, it's a additional manageable interface.


Why do you need this URL Rewriting Tool

  • Static URLs square measure a lot of easier to recollect and easy.
  • Static URLs square measure easier to bookmarker or index as compared to dynamic URLs
  • Static URLs will facilitate in obtaining a decent page ranking in numerous search engines

For this, you'll ought to build a file referred to as “.htaccess” and place the code generated into it. Once you've got created the .htacess file, then copy it into your website’s directory. URL Rewriting Tool of this type can solely perform if you're hosted on Apache Server.

If you've got a clean and easy URLs (static URLs), major search engines will distinguish folder names and can be ready to build actual links to keywords. as a result of once still victimisation question string constraints, it should hinder in search engine’s commit to perform categorisation on your websites. Most SEO specialists say that dynamic URLs don't seem to be appealing to go looking engine spiders, whereas static URLs square measure a lot of enticing to those crawlers that is useful in obtaining a decent page rank score.


About Static and Dynamic websites

You might realize some static websites on the web. web site|an internet site|a web site} that's providing info with none signals; it's probably a static website. These ar common in little businesses and companies; they simply wish to point out their presence on the web. They don’t wish anyone stealing their business name, and that they don’t do any business on the online.

Static websites ar typically easier to host and cheap to develop. But, you need to have somebody with hypertext markup language information to update it.

What are the Advantages of Static Websites

  • Not expensive to develop
  • Quick and easy to develop
  • Cost-efficient to host


What are the Disadvantages of Static Websites?

  • Can only provide basic information
  • Web content can set off
  • Requires web know-how to modify or update


What are the Advantages of Dynamic Websites?

  • Dynamic website has more functionality
  • Very easy to operate and update
  • It lets web visitors interact without problems
  • It lets exchange of information between website owner and end-users


What are the Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites?

  • Expensive to host
  • Expensive to develop

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