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About Word Counter

Whether you're a longtime author or simply another web rambler, we tend to area unit currently all living within the era of word counts.

From social media character limits, to drawn-out document needs in company settings, if you’ve been writing words, then you’ve been operative with text counts, whether or not you're awake to it or not.

Twitter accustomed limit America to one hundred forty characters, however later pushed it to 280.
Facebook wouldn’t allow you to post something that's longer than sixty three, 206 characters or perhaps allow you to comment mistreatment mistreatment quite 8,000 characters.
How regarding Instagram’s thirty hashtags limit? The restricted a pair of, 200 characters they permit in your Instagram captions can even get truncated once simply one hundred twenty five.
We even hear that for your web log post to interrupt into a primary page ranking on Google, it's going to got to keep north of 1800 words.
See? the time of character count limits is really upon us!

You need to forever be purpose, guaranteeing your content stays at intervals the boundaries of those relevant platforms… in order that you don’t inadvertently find yourself having to scale back or increase your count words back and forth simply to fulfill some needs.

For that to happen, you wish a Online Word Counter.

But employing a Online Word Counter will quite serving to you count social media post characters.


Online Word Counter


Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter may be a straightforward on-line utility to count variety of words or variety of characters online. Online Word Counter can mechanically count the amount of words and characters as you sort. you'll be able to additionally copy and paste a document you've got already written into the word counter tool and it'll show the word count and character numbers for that piece of writing. Online Word Counter is additionally necessary as a degree of google panda policy, as a result of you wish to create your article atleast 350-500 words, thus you'll be able to use this tool to count those words.


About Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter may be a tool we’ve developed to assist you to find and hard the characters of your written content.

It is designed to deliver correct results and tell however long or short your content is.

But this Online Word Counter is over simply a tool for showing you the amount of words and characters in your content. It’s a complicated matter content instrument, as you’d verify within the “HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY little SEO TOOLS IS DIFFERENT” section below.

This means you'll be able to trust our tool to assist you in your content connected comes, whether or not you're an expert author, a web bourgeois, a student, a teacher, or simply a social media mortal.



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